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Join this exclusive, monthly subscription service, Boss Crafters Shipping Partner Group and find trustworthy, local partners to work with. Work together to purchase sublimation blanks at the same, exact price as vendors. Then, help split the cost of shipping so everyone gets a fair share of the profits.

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What You Get With Your Monthly Subscription:

🤑 Monthly Business Masterminds

🤑 Access to Exclusive Facebook Group  

🤑 Access to Highly Recommended Vendors 

🤑 Opportunities to Decrease Your Out of Pocket     Expense Per Case

🤑 Opportunities to Increase Your Profit Margins

🤑 Save on High Shipping Cost

🤑 Opportunity to Outsource With Partners 

You will never have to purchase from another Buy- In Again.
Buying sublimation blanks separately can be expensive and time-consuming, but our team of trustworthy partners can help. We work together with local business owners to purchase blanks at an exact price. This way, you'll never have to worry about the cost or time it takes to vet reputable and high quality vendors yourself.
Requirements to Join Group:
  • Sell Sublimation Blanks Already

  • Willing to Share Vendors

  • Work with other Sublimation Blank Suppliers

  • Local Business Owners (Willing to Come to Memphis, TN for Business)

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* To be considered for a full refund, please cancel order within 24 hours of purchase (If you have gained access to our exclusive group, a refund is not allowed)
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